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"Fuck 2020" Pill Bottle Candle by Dirt Cobain

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This series of glass pill bottle shaped candles in collaboration street artist Dirt Cobain is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings in a time of uncertainty and how 2020 will be marked as the year that everything broke down to rebuild again.

This "Fuck 2020" candle is hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and features a child-proof cap to replicate a true prescription pill bottle.

This amber jar glass candle is marked with a phrase of how we feel in the moment, amidst chaos and unexpected change. We find ourselves saying "Fuck 2020", and that's exactly what's beautiful about this mess. It's staying in 2020. This quote is a symbol of how we feel in the moment, but know, that it will end. Fuck 2020, but 2021 will be better.

Candle Burn time: 40-60 hours

Wax Weight: 280g / 10.5oz

Vessel Size: 2.5" X 5" X 2.5"

Fragrance Notes: Tropical Evergreen 

Customer Reviews

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Love the Design!

The label is so fitting for the year. The candle was bigger than I thought. Oh and it smells good - though I'd still love it if it didn't.